October updates

Oct 30th 2018

We have been keeping busy with process orders for everyone. The tribal terrain by printable scenery is still very popular. Make sure to get your orders in now before the holiday rush.

We have also secured printing rights with WarLayer. They have some great terrain and should be up on the site soon. We have been busy testing their product (playing games of Kill Team), and can say the product testers are very happy.

We also secured printing right with Black Scrolls Games. They have some very cool designs especially for a Halloween themed board.

Finally, we secured printing rights with The Dragon's Rest. This is some really cool looking multi-level terrain. Can't wait to get some Outpost: Origins on the table for some "product testing".

Please remember to refer your friends, as we truly appreciate the referral. As always if their is something you are looking for your tabletop but don't see it, please reach out to us. What is pictured on the website is not all the items we have access too.

Thank you

Epic Quest Master 

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