Cathedral Bundle

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Cathedral Bundle

The Cathedral Bundle includes:

Floor Tiles
30 x E
14 x AS
4 x F

Tops and Low walls
4 x A Top
6 x A Low Wall
2 x AC Low Wall
2 x G Low Wall

6 x I 
6 x L - Low Column
3 x I - Low Column
16 x L 
4 x IB
4 x LB
4 x TB

12 x A 
4 x AC
1 x Q
2 x G

4 x A
1x Gate

Other bundle items
1x Cathedral Ruins
1x Effigy of the unknown warrior
1x pew
1x font
1x Gothic Bell Tower
1x Dome Spires
1x celestial window
1x pulpit
All parts come unpainted and assembly may be required.

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