Gloom Creeper

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Gloom Creeper

A writhing mass of tentacles and fungus, a crown of horns adorns it’s skull. The oracle in the dark lacks eyes but not vision. It adores the taste of flesh, mostly goblins, but is quite partial to elven delicacies.

The Gloom Creeper is a monster that is great for fantasy tabletop and role-playing games.  This model’s base is compatible Goblin Grotto Cavern tile system.

Printed at .1mm to make sure you have an epic monster on the table.

Height 122.179mm. Width 93.89mm. Depth 126.4mm.

The model is designed at 28mm scale. Let use know if you want a different size.

This multi piece model comes unpainted, assembly required.

Miniatures, background, and game mats show for scale and not included.

We are a licensed 3d Printer for Printable Scenery.

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