Ironhelm Barracks

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Ironhelm Barracks

Ironhelm has a long and proud history of turning out the most stalwart and brave of infantry. None have ever retreated from a fight, and are said to prefer to face an army alone rather than run. Their training is of such legendary quality that, if an army were to face down a solo Ironhelm dwarf, even the bookies of Winterdale may struggle to set odds for the army.

Ironhelm Barracks is a fantasy-styled building that can be used for role-playing or tabletop war games. Featuring hinged doors, removable roofs and multiple stories. 

The model is designed at 28mm scale. Let use know if you want a different size.

This multi piece model comes unpainted, assembly required.

Miniatures, background, and game mats show for scale and not included.

We are a licensed 3d Printer for Printable Scenery.

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