Medieval Chicken Coop

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Medieval Chicken Coop

The Wightwood Abbey Chicken Coop is a great piece of scatter terrain to add a lot of cover on your game board without too big of a footprint. The raised walkway around the coop is wide enough to support models with 1″ bases.

  • Prints in 4 parts
  • Assembled size: 3.5″D x 4.5″W x 3.5″H inches

This multi piece model comes unpainted, assembly required.

This Model is designed by Infinite Dimensions Games and the 3d files are can be found here. Epic Quest Master is a licensed printer for Infinite Dimensions Games.


“While the porcs provide me with a real sense of connection, and the bees of the apiary make me smile with their friendly buzzing, I still find that some of my most peaceful moments at the abbey are spent with the Chickens. Whiling away an afternoon at the coop, I can watch those regal beasts scratch and peck away for hours. There’s something about the way they run about and cluck their little hearts out that sets me right at ease.” – Brother Rowntree

The monks of Wightwood Abbey have established for themselves quite a variety of food sources, some of which double for companionship. While the eggs the chickens lay, and the chickens themselves, provide food for the monks, some of the poultry ends up getting kept as pets.

Wither you use this piece in your village, farmstead, bandit enclave or as part of a some hermit’s homestead, it’s a great piece of cover providing scatter terrain and a fun story element as well.

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