Necromancer's Tower

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Necromancer's Tower

Rising from the earth in a macabre tangle of skulls and bones, a large structure stands ahead of you. If the legends are true, this is the tower you seek, built entirely from the skulls and bones of the necromancer’s perished foes. Some even say that the less useful of his servants helped form the “skeleton” of this building.

The Necromancer’s Tower is a multi-part model, which can be used either as a single building, or as parts for other buildings or dungeon layouts. The parts are compatible with all other OpenLOCK tiles.

We provide all the tiles and clips so you can recreate the Necromancer's tower.

The model is designed at 28mm scale.

These tiles are printed at high detail on our dialed in printers make sure you have an epic terrain piece. 

This multi piece model comes unpainted, assembly required.

Miniatures, background, and game mats show for scale and not included.

We are a licensed 3d Printer for Printable Scenery.

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