Orbital Outpost Walkway Mega Starter Set

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Complete set

The Orbital Outpost Walkway Starter Set comes with all the pieces listed below. This set can be expanded upon and added to other sets. You can always contact us to see about different parts and add-ons.

This set is great for Kill team and other table top games. 

This set is 28mm.

The kit comes with the following items:

6 - MOP Walkway Stairs Railing R 1x4 v01
6 - MOP Walkway Stairs Railing L 1x4 v01
6 - MOP Walkway Stairs 2x4 v01
2 - MOP Walkway A 2x5 v01
16 - MOP Walkway Riser v01
2 - MOP Walkway JY 4x4 v01
2 - MOP Walkway JT 4x3 v01
1 - MOP Walkway JO 6x6 v01
4 - MOP Walkway JL 3x3 v01
1 - MOP Walkway A 2x4 v02
1 - MOP Walkway A 2x2 v01
2 - MOP Walkway A 2x1 v01
3 - MOP Walkway A 2x1 End v01
2 - MOP Walkway Stairs 1x4 v01
4 - MOP Walkway Armor Large v01
150 Clips D


This print may need extra print time due to the volume of parts.

Product comes unpainted and may require assembly.

All miniatures are shown for scale purpose only and are not included.

Epic Quest Master is a licensed 3D printer for Dragon's Rest.


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