Ruined Port Merchant

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Ruined Port Merchant

Once, you could find almost anything you needed within these walls. A few coppers extra may have enticed information you coveted as well. But the bustle and chatter are long gone, as are the carefully oiled windowsills and clean-swept stone floors. Dust, debris, and the unrelenting elements are the primary inhabitants of this once-proud building now.

The Ruined Port Merchant is a medieval-styled building designed for use in tabletop or role-playing games with a fantasy or historical setting. With multiple levels, it is an ideal skirmish building, as it has easy access through the broken walls for mini placement and areas for combat and cover.


The model is designed at 28mm scale.

This multi piece model comes unpainted, assembly required.

We are a licensed 3d Printer for Printable Scenery.

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