Ruined Rookery Tower

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Ruined Rookery Tower

This Ruined Tower (aka The Rookery) rises to a looming 11″ on your gaming table and has three distinct levels on which the action can take place. Each level allows for access to the next, and each level separates to provide easy access to your figurines. Piles of rubble are carefully modelled to allow for models with 1″ bases to stand on top of them without slipping, and the whole ruinous structure, carefully designed, provides multiple areas to place ‘snipers’ or defenders. This model also includes a ladder that prints separately and provides an alternate way for the action to move from level to level.

Part of the Wightwood Abbey Terrain by Infinite Dimensions Games. 


Assembled size: 7″D x 9″W x 11″H inches

This multi piece model comes unpainted, assembly required.

This Model is designed by Infinite Dimensions Games and the 3d files are can be found here. Epic Quest Master is a licensed printer for Infinite Dimensions Games.



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