Ruined War Cottage

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Ruined War Cottage

Long after the war ended, the citizens of Winterdale were reluctant to re-enter the cottages around the town’s perimeter. Occupied by soldiers during the war, they served as a constant reminder of the bloodshed and pain the townspeople longed to forget. Some were eventually returned to the comforting warmth they’d known prior to the war while others lay crumbling, filled with the echoes of things too painful to recall.

Is this the result of an undefended building, or something worse?

The Ruined War Cottage is a building designed for use in tabletop or role-playing games in a historical or fantasy setting. With multiple levels, it is an ideal skirmish building, as it has easy access through the broken walls for mini placement and areas for combat and cover.

The model is designed at 28mm scale.

This multi piece model comes unpainted, assembly required.

Miniatures, background, and game mats show for scale and not included.

We are a licensed 3d Printer for Printable Scenery.

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