Sector Fatalis Wall Set

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Sector Fatalis Wall Set

Sector Fatalis modular wargaming terrain set. Contains 76 pieces plus clips. 

Great for games of Zone Mortalis, Kill Team, Necromunda, Space Hulk, Warhammer 40k, and Infinity.

2 - bulkhead doors

1 - sliding gate door

1 - double door

25 - single walls

10 - double walls

12 - high columns

3- short columns

4 - ladders

3 - stairs

4 - rubble sections

1 -3x3 floor

2 - 3x1 floor

2 - single floor piece

1 - ladder step floor

3 - single narrow floor piece

1 - single floor piece


This model is made from pieces from the Dragon's Rest Terrain.

Epic Quest Master is a licensed printer of their products. 

Miniatures, background, and game mats show for scale and not included.

Model is designed for 28mm scale. 

This multi piece model comes unpainted, assembly required.

This is a large order and it may have extended print times.

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