Stormguard Scatter

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RM Studio Scatter
Scatter Ruins 1

This set contains the Scatter Ruins, Stormguard Forward Forts, and Stormguard Pillar Ruins.

Pillar Ruins: Ruined columns of pillars of once great buildings, now reduced to nothing but small sections of standing pillars found littered throughout Stormguard.

Stormguard Forward Forts: These forward forts were designed to offer quick shelter for forward scouts. Offering a raised point to see enemy movements from, and a slight defensive structure to hide behind when retreating to relay messages back to Stormgaurd.

Scatter Ruins: Much of Stormguard lays in ruins, these are just some of the sections of the city that has been reduced to rubble. Offering light cover to a weary traveler, these pieces of rocks and rubble are perfect to hide oneself from unwanted eyes.

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