Wightwood Abbey Walls

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View of walls with gatehouse

PLEASE NOTE: This wall set is meant for use with the Wightwood Abbey core set buildings and is not a fully modular set. This set includes select wall pieces only (and none of the buildings pictured in the product image).

The Wightwood Abbey Walls are designed to specifically surround the Wightwood Abbey monastery when built according to how it was designed. The walls are meant to be laid out in combination with the Scriptorium, Church and Gatehouse to create a 3×3 foot monastery enclosure.

Plus this contains the walls for the Abbot's personal garden.

Looking for the complete bundle set? Click here.

Model is at 28mm scale (please contact us if you would like a different scale).

This multi piece model comes unpainted, assembly required.

This Model is designed by Infinite Dimensions Games and the 3d files are can be found here. Epic Quest Master is a licensed printer for Infinite Dimensions Games.


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